These are some pictures of the studio where we recorded in New Jersey. It is owned by a man called Manfred. Extremely cool guy! He is also the owner of a independent jazz label. I am hoping to work it out with him so my CD is distributed under his label. Wish me luck everyone.......... The studio is laid out in a very nice way and under his house.

About a month ago (May 14th) I went to record a CD as collaborator in a rock band project called CONTROL-Z. I had a wonderful time with old time friend, singer, composer, keyboard and guitar player of the band (Martin Martinez) Plus I made new friends that are also part of this project,
Fernando Carbone(Bass) & Beledo (Guitar). This band is really something!! Great music, arrangements and lyrics. If all comes out, well hopefully you will all listen to this band someday.
In the mean time I'd like to share a few of the great memories from this New York trip

Franciso CÚspedes recording sessions

These pictures were kindly provided by Jean Smit (Sound Engineer for Francisco's CD).  Below you will find me with Assistant Sound Engineer & great friend Guillermo Diaz from A.T Studios. He is setting up the microphones on my drums for the session.
Also last picture is of Carlos David Perez & I listening to some of the CÚspedes tracks at A.T Studios.