These were taken during a couple of sessions for the up coming Francisco
Céspedes CD. They are all taken at Aneiro Taño's recording studios. Aneiro
is the Producer, Arranger and in some cases even co writer for Francisco
(pancho) Céspedes. I really believe that this will be Panchos best record to
date. I've recorded on all three of them, and I feel that his composition
has really developed in to something more personal than ever. Like he is
coming from a place that we can all relate but only he can fully understand..
Very special in deed.

Here I am listening back on one of the songs from Pancho's session. The guy
on the right side is the creator and brain behind this production (Aneiro
Taño). And the guy that I am covering by standing rite in front of him is
one of the best, recording engineers I've ever had the pleasure to work with
(Jean Smit). I'll try my best to get some better pictures of these guys. They
are also very good friends of mine too. Actually! Aneiro will be the god
father of my son Nicolás. So you can see what I mean by good friends now lol!

Here's Ramón Stagnaro and I at one of the Francisco Céspedes sessions. Ramón is one of the most prestigious L.A. session players. He had recorded with most anyone in the music industry. He is an amazing guitar player. And a wonderful person as well. I had a lot of fun working with him.

And here is the man himself. Mr. Francisco Céspedes and yours truly at the studio.
He is so cool.


This is Dagoberto Gonzalez & Me. Dago is a producer, arranger and multi
instrumentalist from Cuba. He is also the MD and producer for Cuban
singer/song writing legend Pablo Milanes. Dagoberto did the arrangement for
one of Pablo's songs that was recorded by Francisco (pancho). So he came to
a couple of the sessions in Mexico City. He will be producing Ivan Lins next
album as well. And he has invited me to play drums on that project too. I
feel honoured by his invitation, given that Ivan is a long time idol to me.
He is one of the most transcending artist of Brazil. And his music has
influenced so many people around the globe. Including Quincy Jones. So that
will be one of those very meaningful projects in my courier.

This picture was taken after one of the sessions. We all went for dinner at
singer friend's apartment in Mexico city. The guy in the middle is piano player and 
friend Gonzalo Rubalcaba. And rite beside him is producer/arranger Aneiro Taño. 
Gonzalo is considered one of the best jazz piano players in the world. 
He was just nominated for a Grammy and he also produced a Latin jazz record that 
won the Latin jazz Grammy this year. He was also invited to play on Pancho's record. 
So I guess Aneiro really wanted to get some talent on this album, 

This is my dear & long time friend Fernando Otero. This was also taken at
Aneiro's studio during another one of the Francisco Céspedes sessions. Once
again a monster musician has been called upon for this project. Fernando is
an amazing composer, arranger & piano player from Argentina. Considered a
genius by most of his colleagues including me.  He came in from New York for
this session.

This is me at the recording session for a new Mexican pop singer called
Cynthia. She is a very talented girl. She writes her own songs and sings
very well. Nice voice in deed. Maybe some of you will get a chance to hear
her music when her record is released. The recording session took place at
Jorge Avendaño's studio.

This is producer, composer, arranger & piano player Jorge Avendaño with me
in his beautiful recording studio (Mexico city). This was taken the same day
we started working on Cynthia's album.