Raquel: Whenever I have attended your shows, I am always impressed with the energy you show, I have wondered how you can always give your best & not go crazy. Is every concert the same or do you always find different ways as not to play by inertia?

Waldo:  The truth is that among the love, respect & compromise I feel for the music, my partners, the artist as well as the energy  from the audience, there is no other way but to play like that.  The audience that comes to see the show, deserve the best that we can offer. Some nights you are more tired than others, but it can't stop you from giving 100% to produce a successful show that is full of magic. I believe that we need to maintain a certain standard from good to excellent and no less. Of course I don't play by inertia.
Raquel:  There is no doubt that when travelling  your mind opens to take in so many cultures and differences among people. Living in such a high standard and among so many talented musicians etc.. Do you think that you can be distant from the real world and it's problems?

Waldo: You are right in some areas and there are times when you can be isolated from the real world, but it is bound to happen when you are playing in a different country everyday. As you are only a few hours in each place, you tend to create your own universe to keep balanced. I try to see the world that surrounds me without prejudice. I never arrive somewhere to take the negative side of it. I just try to have an open mind & learn as much as I can about that country and its people so that way I always take nice memories with me.

Raquel: This is a common question for all the band. Why do you think that Latin music has grown so much in the anglo market? Latinos have been here for a long time like Julio Iglesias, Feliciano, Santana, Xavier Cugat etc.. However I wonder if this success or "discovery" is a positive thing for the music industry or for the latin community to stop discrimination to the latin people.  I personally thing that this success has nothing to do with the real situation. So you think it will last?

Waldo: Yes it is true that the latin community has always been present in the arts and worldwide fashions. But I think that this huge recent phenomenon is due to the efforts of so many people like Ricky Martin.  I think that people needed something different and fresh to get fulfilment.  What could be better than that energy, flavour, sensuality and our way of embracing life? However I don't think it will last. I hope I am wrong.  The way I see it is that most people don't understand where we are coming from. Sometimes we are seen like a puppet of entertainment. The positive thing is that many people will learn & be influenced by our culture. But I don't think this is enough. If we discriminate and disrespect each other, how do we pretend to get others to respect us? I don't mean to sound pessimistic but that is my opinion.

Raquel: What makes you wake up each morning with the energy to go on & play music to so many people? What motivates Waldo Madera?

Waldo: Before I had plenty of reasons in my mind, however now there is just one major one ... my son Nicolás. He is the biggest reason why I do anything in my life right now and everyday that passes I am even more convinced of this. I would never of imagined it.

Raquel: Would you ever place your career before anything in your life?

Waldo: Definantly not. There are much more important things for me, especially my son.

Raquel: Travelling with Ricky Martin you have felt a thousand feelings & experiences. What has impressed you the most about yourself & the rest of your partners along the years?

Waldo: No that it surprises me at all. But it does make me especially happy and draws my attention, the respect, loyalty and the ability to forgive that has always existed between all of us. And I mean those that have remained or who are no longer here as well. I hope this never changes, it's a very positive thing.

Raquel: How do you maintain balance in your life & job? Don't you go crazy sometimes?

Waldo: No ... on the contrary!. The love, support and understanding that I receive from my family is what keeps me balanced.  If they weren't there then everything would make no sense to me.

Raquel:  I have had the chance to see how Ricky works. The positive & the negative style of his way of life and to be honest with you, I wouldn't want to swap places with him. It is a very sacrificed life and no money could compensate for the lack of love and time away from family. Would you swap places with him?

Waldo: Never! That is one of the reasons why I respect & admire him so much. He had to make a very hard decision between courier  life or family life a long time ago. And positive or negative he has never stop. I couldn't do it.

Raquel: What are you solo projects? Will you go on with Ricky or with Arjona?

Waldo: I'd love to release a second solo album as soon as possible, although i have no spare time right now. I am writing some songs. I also have asked for Arturo Ortiz and some friends to write some songs for me. Concerning Ricky & Arjona, I would love to play with both of them, but I am pledged with Ricky. It is now 10 years since I first played for him. We certainly grew up together on stage. When I started touring with Arjona I cleared up things with Ricky & his managment. I want to be there on the next tour.  I also want to keep a good relationship with Arjona & work with him again in the future.

Raquel: What do you feel when you are on stage in front of thousands of people screaming & enjoying your music? I can't imagine it!. I don't know if you feel like me when I use to play in the theatre. I was always scared of forgetting my lines or stumbling, but whenever I stepped onto the stage I forgot about the audience. It was like they weren't even there. It's a very strange feeling. What is that you feel?

Waldo: In my case, I pay a lot of attention to the audience and I am still concentrated on what I am doing. I use adrenaline as energy. I'm very lucky & thank God for giving me the chance to be part of it. For giving me the ability to speak this universal language...MUSIC!

Raquel: Have you ever regretted being a musician? I don't know, maybe you might of wished to be a Lawyer or a Doctor so you could of lived a more stable life & spent more time with your family.

Waldo: No, never. I have never regretted this. I can't picture my life without music. I respect a lot of those jobs but none would bring me as much satisfaction as music has. I think the people who love me also couldn't even imagine me doing anything else. It's part of me.

Translation to English: Raquel Ortiz & Waldo Madera