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La Hoja del Gato

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Galeria Caribe Tourbook 2001 - Ricardo Arjona
Palacio de Eventos de Maracaibo

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Galeria Caribe Tourbook 2001 - Ricardo Arjona

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Roland Magazine

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Z Time

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Hermes Music

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Music Pro

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Pulse (review on Waldo's solo CD)

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Great review on a Mexican Female Rock singer, where they considered Waldo's drumming one of the highlights of her opening night.


prensa2_page1.JPG (29765 bytes)A Dominican Paper talks about how proud they are to see Waldo setting a good example for the younger Dominican musicians, by achieving some of the highest goals in the international community due to his hard work & dedication.

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 Great review on Waldo's solo CD presentation. The press loved his musicality, the compositions & his overall passion for music as an expression of life in the Latin community.


prensa3_page2.JPG (32480 bytes)Waldo Madera is invited as a special guest star for one of Mexico's most important Jazz cycles. The critics consider his performance a demonstration of excellence & surely one of the highlights of this important event that lasted two months.