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This was taken as I was playing with Victor Patron's Band during the 
EXPROMUSICA 2001 August 13th.

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These pictures were taken on August 14th as we all went out to jam at "Paul's"
after the EXPROMUSICA 2001. We had Julio Figueroa on Percussion, Raul Gonzalez on Bass, Jack Schwarz on guitar & me on drums. 
We played any instrument we could get our hands on that was really alot of fun!

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This is me on the Timbales & Julio Figueroa having the greatest time on that stage. 
We had some really good laughs that evening.

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Thierry Guthals Ivan Lins at the CANCUN JAZZ Festival 1998.

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New Orleans Heritage Festival. Hector Infanzon Quartet.

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Montreal Jazz Festival

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Ricky Martin Live

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Drum Clinics - Conference for musicians (mostly drummers) where Waldo performs and talks about his career & equipment.

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Hector Infanzon Quartet

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Hector Infanzon Trio. Heineken Jazz Festival