Here are some pictures from the EXPROMUSICA 2003. This is a big musical event that happens every year in Mexico. Itıs like a smaller version of a NAMM show where most of the major manufactures of lights, sound and instruments get together and exhibit there latest products. Fortunately for me I have been invited to play or do clinics there every year for the past seven years. Itıs always a blast because I get to hang and/or play with many fellow musicians that live in other countries. Some are long time
friends or in other cases turn to be new good friends after the three day event. This year I had the pleasure and honour of playing and hanging out with world known drummer and friend Gregg Bissonette. Last time we had the chance to hang out and chat was a couple of years ago in L.A. Where I had gone for the Latin Grammy awards.  Well besides our friendship, Gregg & I are endorsed by the same drums and cymbals companies (MAPEX drums & ZILDJIAN cymbals). So we had a great time playing together at the MAPEX booth. As well as watching each other do his own thing though out the event. Greggıs clinic was wonderful as always.  I played with several different projects including Hector Infanzónıs Trio. I also had the pleasure of meeting Mr.Dalton Lin (Assistant Manager of sales division II for MAPEX drums). Heıs such a nice guy. Itıs always a pleasure to have some one form my MAPEX family come over and see me play. Imagine!!! flying all the way from Taipei to Mexico!!!  Actually, I have to thank Dalton for these pictures Iım sharing with all of you today. He was kind enough to take these and send me copies.  The first one was taken backstage after I got off the drum set from playing with Hector Infanzónıs trio. Left to right itıs Mr.Dalton Lin, one of the executives form the musicians union in Mexico, the Great Gregg Bissonette and me. The second and third pictures were taken by Dalton as
Gregg and I were having tons of fun with our drum duets at the MAPEX booth. I hope all of you can enjoy these as much as I do sharing them with you.