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Here we are making all these faces. That is because Julio & I have this funky
way of demonstrating how much we enjoy each others playing.
We start simulating that we are spitting to each other Hahaha!! It is like
saying "You are so damn good man!". No one could understand why we were
spitting at each other. They must of thought we were two lunatics! hahaha!!

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This is Julio Figueroa, Mercedes Onorato & me after the clinic. Mercedes Onorato
She is the person who came up with the idea of making this clinic. She put it
all together. But most importantly, she is now a very dear friend to me.

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Julio, me & Jorge Ash from TODO MUSICA who is a distributor of MAPEX, ZILDJIAN, REMO & PROMARK in Argentina

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Julio, Pablo Ariel & me. Pablo is a professional drummer from Buenos Aires
and long time friend of Julio. This guy is incredible!! He helped us out through
The whole process. He even lent part of his personal equipment so we could
play more comfortably. To top it all off (like he hadn't done enough already),
this guy picked up my video camera & filmed the whole clinic that evening.
Pablo!! You are the best my friend, Thank you very much!

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This was taken as we were getting off the stage that evening.